My trip to South Devon 

Hey guys! So I just got back from my vaycay and thought I would share my journey with you aswell as giving you ideas on places to see if you’re ever down south.

Day one: Stoke Gabriel

The first day we were there, we walked down to the sea and had a coffee at Costa. The weather wasn’t too good but there was no sign of rain so we were ok. We then went to Stoke Gabriel for a look around but didn’t have long to do much.

Day 2: Torbay Town

Took a cute little trip through the town to Coffee 1, then a stroll down the beach to see the waves, although it was quite windy. The views are lovely here.

Day 3: Torquay

On the third day we took a walk through a SSSI and ended up on top of a grassy headland, the view was absolutely spectacular. The clouds were magical and it overlooked the sea and a cute little cove on the opposite side. My adopted sister for the week and my cousin came with me so I managed to get some really cute photos of them.

Day 4: Brixham

We took the ferry over to Brixham on the Wednesday, the waves crashing against the boat have a misty spray over us but the view was beautiful and I learnt a lot about places to see whilst we were there (will be covered in my travel section). Once we were in Brixham there was a cute little farmers market with games and handmade toys and jewellery, there was also a cool pirate ship in the harbour at the bottom of the town.

Day 5: On the last day i took the little ones on a trip down to the farm where they were selling handmade ice-cream, the mint choc-chip actually taste like real mint leaves!! Th lady even let us have a look round at the goats and calves.

Hope you enjoy my lovely little trip.


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