Disneyland Paris

My dream came true!

Last weekend I visited Eurodisney and had such an amazing time. The trip only lasted a few days but the memories will last a lifetime.


Day 1

The day we arrived we checked in and used straight on the shuttle to Disney, we had to cram a lot of things into our two nights stay in order to do everything we planned. We first stood to watch the christmas parade which was absolutely breath-taking, it was a cold weekend but the sun was out making the characters light up. A trip round the merry-go-round could not have gone a miss. We next went on the space mountain rollercoaster, which at the start of the ride it projects you upwards in a space ship and is followed by a room full of illuminous planets and loops of flashing lights (we also went on this the second day as it was so good). Next we grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and found Alice’s curious labyrinth.

At night we took a trip to the Walt Disney studios, decorated in such a way to create a hollywood strip feel, and did some shopping. We bumped into Mike from Monsters Ink and found Boo’s door to.

Day 2

We set off nice and early and were on of the first in the park, on the way in we bumped into two of Cinderella’s mouse friends and dance with them. We walked through Agrabah, the home of Aladdin, and came out in the desert of Indiana Jones. We then rode The temple of Peril, a rickety cart rollercoaster which travels through ancient ruins. We then walked back to the Castle to watch the Winter Wonderland Princess Dance, one of the cutest things I have ever seen! They told the tale of a young man, who brought a princess snow globe for his girlfriend at Christmas, and he made it come to life with magic. The Princesses and Princes danced around the stage like they were at a fairytale ball. From here we crossed back over to the Walt Disney studios to have a go on as many rides as we could.

First we queued for the Hollywood Tower of Terror, which is a creepy elevator ride dropping you from 12 floors high after raising the elevator to the top of the tower hotel. Next we walked to the Rock’N’Roll rollercoaster, which was by far my favourite of the holiday. The fastest ride which many loops and flashing lights, the chairs even play Aerosmith on the way round.

Overall, the holiday was fabulous and we ended the night at the Castle fireworks which was magical. The projection of light onto the castle created senses from all over the world and Olaf presented the whole thing, India Menzel’s Let It Go, ended the show like no other. The whole trip was spellbound, head to my Facebook page for more photos and videos!


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