Appreciation of our bodies 

First of all, happy international women’s day for yesterday 👋 don’t know why we don’t celebrate international men’s day, but that’s up for discussion another time.

Everyone has fat rolls don’t they? Yes, including models, it really doesn’t matter how skinny you are you have rolls when you sit a certain way, the majority of average sized human beings have fat. So why is it that far from all of us are proud of it?

People say “I’m beautiful but (inserts something to do with being fat)”. Why do we not say “I’m beautiful because I’m curvy”?

By curves I don’t just mean boobs or a bum, I mean curvy thighs, stomach and arms.  There is nothing wrong with being curvy for neither male or female, our bodies don’t have to be a certain way because society implies that they must, our bodies do a million things for us and we shouldn’t tell ourselves that our bodies shouldn’t have any fat on them.

Appreciate what you have and what those around you have. Recognise the true beauty of the body and love the flaws it comes with.

When I was around 14 my dad used to tell me I had thunder thighs, so? If I drop my phone my legs catch it, they keep my hands warm, I look good in tight clothing, my best dance moves are jiggling my legs and bum and I’m strong af. What is wrong with having thick thighs?

We should be complimenting each other not fighting to make each other look or feel bad, so many men and women are so set on how people should look they forget to empower each other in every aspect. Flaws should be loved not hated, we live in a society where people forget that no one is actually perfect, stand together and make a difference, make people happy.

Love yourselves for who you are ❤❤


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