So as you all know, I went to Amsterdam for my birthday and haven’t managed to write it up yet due to university essays getting in the way. We spent a long weekend over there and did so many cool things!


Day one

Once we arrived we walked to our hotel, the Renaissance, and got ourselves ready for the day. We took a walk through the town and stumbled upon the well known Sex Museum, so decided to take a look round (because we’re typical tourists). Can I just say that I have never been more scared for my life and confused, omg literally the worst decision ever. There are minimal interesting scenes as most rooms are covered in bizarre pictures and statues, but it had to be done. We went to a cute little dessert parlour for lunch, where I had to best Nutella and strawberry crepe, although this wasn’t very extravagant for me because they served so many other lovely looking desserts. We concluded the day (being it ST Patricks day) at a cute little Irish tavern after having an Italian for dinner.

Day two

On the second day we had booked to go to the Van Gogh Museum – there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the arts – and although we ended up waiting an hour in the freezing cold before getting inside, it was worth the wait. Van Gogh was extremely talented and the majority of his paintings are kept here. Did you know that there are 5 versions of his Sunflowers paintings? I certainly didn’t.  After being here we took a trip to Starbucks (as did we everyday actually) in a small town outside of Amsterdam. Whilst we were here we also managed to get some typically touristy photos of the canal side, nothing original there guys. Because the trip was planned for my birthday, on this night we travelled to The Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam to have dinner. Secretly two of the girls had me distracted long enough to plan a surprise and whilst we were getting cocktails at the bar one of the staff members brought out a birthday sundae and the girls sang happy birthday to me, yayyyyyyy. The burger and fries were not only the BEST I’ve had, but also the BIGGEST. That said, it was the first time in literally my whole life that I didn’t eat my whole burger due to being full. It was definitely worth the t-shirt I bought.

Day three

On the third day we had booked in for the Anne Frank Museum and was absolutely stunned by the trip. Being a very important piece of history it was compulsory that we visit her birthplace to see for ourselves the house where she lived and see the museum her dad put together for her. It troubles me that still there is no liable answer to whom gave up their location, behind the house, to the police. That remains in history. we then travelled back to where we had visited the previous to get a touristy picture by the ‘Iamsterdam’ sign, and in doing so, discovered a pretty Sunday market whilst the sun was shining. We spent the night at a tiny tapas bar (due to my grandparents being Spanish I’ve always loved tapas) eating calamari and carbonara.

Day four

On the last day we primarily went shopping, we had to check out early so this was the only thing we could do without needing a lot from our suitcases. It had been a great weekend and we spent our last meal time in an american diner before grabbing our cases and heading to the airport.


Places to see:

1 Sex Museum 2 Hard Rock Cafe and Bar 3 Van Gogh Museum 4 Canal Cruise 5 Madame Tussaud’s 6 President square 7 Iamsterdam sign 8 Banksy Museum


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