[Apologies for the really late blog post, I’ve had so much on in terms of exams and events and breakups that I haven’t had a spare 5 minutes to sit down and type anything.]

My latest trip was to London, I stayed over with a friend from uni, Klavia, whom lives there with her parents and she became my tour guide for the week. Although I travel a hell of a lot, I actually haven’t been to London since I was in Primary School for an evacuee trip.

Day One

The first day that I arrived we decided to do the normal touristy things. We visited Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, both of which are pretty awesome and I had never realised how big Big Ben actually was. It was a particularly sunny day so I spent the majority of the time attempting to take pictures without squinting. Later on that day, Klavia had booked for us to ride the London eye as the sun set against the horizon and so we got some astonishing pictures.

Day Two

On the second day we did so much. Trafalgar square, Oxford Circus, Baker street, Covent garden… Ended up in M&M world, because when in London eat M&M’s haha. We went to the London Dungeons, which was surprisingly less scary than I had expected it to be but told the story of London’s past in an exhilarating act, and it was hilarious to. To end the day, the Sea Life centre was a brilliant pick, I love sea life and the layout was fabulous.

Day Three

On the last full day we spent most our time in Camden market, which must now be my favourite place in the UK, and I bought an oversized denim jacket because I’m so unoriginal. We spent our last night touring Madame Tussaud’s gallery, which i highly recommend because all the selfies turned out great and there’s a catwalk section to.

Had such an amazing time here being a tourist and seeing the sights, there’s so much more to do in London but it’s just not possible to do everything at once, which means I will finally be going back soon.

I have two trips soon; Bulgaria and Greece. So will hopefully get some amazing pictures and stories for you guys.


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